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Support Payment Gateway’s

Your account comes with a FREE ProPay merchant account.  However, should you be using a different payment gateway already – you may still be able to use for your repeat billing.

CustomerVault currently supports the following Payment Gateway’s:

  • Pay Flow Pro
  • Mtrex
  • Echo
  • Orbital / Payment Tech
  • Merchant E Solutions
  • Esolutions
  • PayVision
  • VeriTrans
  • Payment XP

Contact us for specific details on integrating with one of these Payment Gateway’s



Can a non-profit use Recurring Billing?

A question we often get is: “I’m a non-profit, can I use for recurring donations?”

The answer is a loud YES! works very well for taking recurring donations.  Additionally, submit your registration as a 501(3)c and you qualify for even lower processing rates.

Here’s a few points to consider:

1.   Lower Rates:  501(3)c nonprofits qualify for extremely low 2.20% VISA/MasterCard processing rates.

2.  Available in-person swipe device:  With, you can use the ProPay JAK to collect in-person donations at fundraising events.

3.  Multiple Donation Forms:  Need to collect different information for different fund-raising campaigns? allows you to create as many branded donation forms as needed.

4.  Sell Fundraiser Tickets Too! is more than just a great way to accept repeat donations.  It includes “Buy Buttons” that you can use to sell tickets or merchandise on your organizations website, Facebook page, and email compaigns (like

Contact us today and discuss your non-profit’s unique needs.